An analysis of epistemology in richard linklaters film walking life

An analysis of epistemology in richard linklaters film walking life

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The vivid imagery of these scenes combined with the deeply philosophical content genuinely makes for extraordinary filmmaking.

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Richard Linklater's latest film Boyhood has earned quite a lot of press by accomplishing the unprecedented cinematic feat of telling a story over a decade long with a production over a decade long, following the same characters, played by the same growing and aging actors, the whole time through.

Viewers have understandably found it a striking viewing experience, but most of Linklater's projects do.

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commercial and the Jethro article su rales metric an analysis of epistemology in richard. Director Richard Linklater has created a masterpiece of philosophy and film with Waking Life.

The film is beautifully done on all fronts. The cinematography alone of this film is worth checking out, not to mention the stellar soundtrack and well-placed philosophical discussion that runs throughout the film.

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An analysis of epistemology in richard linklaters film walking life
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