An argument in favor of having the internet censored

Techspirited Staff The series of events related to Internet censorship in various parts of the world over the last year or so has brought this issue back to the debating table.

How should the harm principle be understood? It is possible that some non-sexually explicit material might also turn out to be bad in the relevant way. An appendix, available from the author upon request, provides the questions and their possible answers; the categories used to determine the dummy variables are provided in bold print.

Internet Censorship Pros and Cons

In reality, female porn actors may be fully autonomous and intelligent citizens pursuing a perfectly valid and rewarding career of their own choosing. Some sexually explicit material may be degrading, without necessarily being overtly violent.

They do not have the capacity to be on watch on most parts of the day. Of course, not all women who perform in pornography are literally physically coerced as paradigm slaves are, and as Marchiano was.

See LonginoHillMacKinnon The violation of civil rights is a harm that most liberals have special reason for taking very seriously. The question of whether pornography causes harm raises tricky conceptual issues about the notion of causality, as well as empirical and methodological ones.

Their finding that multiple factors influence intolerance motivates the empirical investigation presented below.

Essay: Why the Internet Should be Censored

Simultaneously, those who listen to the speaker may experience an increase or a decrease in utility [ 8 ]. Introduction As a matter of constitutional tradition, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, we presume that governmental regulation of the content of speech is more likely to interfere with the free exchange of ideas than to encourage it.

11 Chief Pros and Cons of Internet Censorship

Several bills focusing on information posted and viewed on the Internet have passed recent U. While those who advocate it argue that such regulations are necessary to keep certain problems, such as sexual exploitation of children and spread of drug cartels, at bay, its critics are of the opinion that this is a mere authoritative practice which questions the fundamental principles of democracy.

This exposure is dangerous for kids because it desensitizes them and makes them curious about things that they should not even know about. Or it might turn out that non-sexually explicit advertising that depicts women in positions of sexual servility in such a way as to endorse that subordination is also bad in the relevant way.

Furthermore, positive arguments for prohibiting pornography may aim at securing social equality for women. ACLU,the Internet is not limited by national borders and therefore attempts to limit what is posted on the Internet may be impractical; limits on what can be posted within the borders of the United States or any other country could be easily avoided.

Proponents of controlling content on the internet claim that innocent children who become preys of predators waiting to engage young kids in child pornography and other malicious acts that can be made possible via the internet are given protection.

At the same time, such censorship is also bound to come heavy on taxpayers pocket because the government will have to put in more funds to tackle new concepts of Internet technology, such as proxy server, which keep on changing.

This represents a reduction in transaction costs. The consumption of sexually explicit material has often been thought to be harmful to its mostly male consumers: Perhaps internet censorship should be regulated so as to have balance although absolute censorship might not be the solution.

Where once there was a voice against oppression there is now nothing.The question of pornography and censorship has divided feminists, just as it has begun to divide liberals. Some feminists argue that pornography is an important form of sexual expression that does not harm women, and may even benefit them by liberating women and women's sexuality from the oppressive shackles of tradition and sexual.

One of the arguments for those in favor of censorship is that every other form of mass media is censored, so the Internet might as well be too especially because of the Internets ability to reach more people. Radio and television are regulated and censored by. 11 Biggest Pros and Cons of Censorship Censorship is a topic that is spreading like wildfire in our society today.

Censorship refers to the government controlling any type of idea of information and withholding it. 11 Biggest Pros and Cons of Censorship Censorship is a topic that is spreading like wildfire in our society today. Censorship refers to the government controlling any type of idea of information and withholding it from the public.

Proponents of internet censorship point out that parents have the responsibility to teach children about morality and guide them on what is good or bad but the truth is, they also have to earn a living to provide for their kids.

Arguments in favor Advocates of Internet censorship argue that there has to be some regulation on this medium of mass media, as the absence of such regulation can result in serious implications on the society.

An argument in favor of having the internet censored
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