Grass cutter rearing business plan

Therefore the house should be neat and be cleansed every day which will assist their best performance. The animal has many traditional names depending on the tribe.

How To Start A Lucrative Grasscutter Farming Business: The Comprehensive Guide

A fully grown female Grasscutter after gestation, carries the pregnancy for — days and deliver about twice a year. The root and pitch of oil and coconut palms, bark of the anacardium and fruits such as half ripen pawpaw, plantain, pineapple, mango etc are their delight.

Speaking about grasscutter domestication, Mr. Meshed cage on the other hand is the type of rearing cage made from combination of wood and wired-mesh. Dorst and Dandelete recognized only two species which they describe as greater grasscutter. It gives birth twice yearly and produce at a time. The meat is very tasty when compared to both domestic and familiar game species.

Grass-cutters can eat fresh or dried bread and corn or sorghum bran. Weaning time — With good, adequate feeding, the grasscutter kids can be weaned between four to eight weeks.

Mass at birth varies from g. Determine how much you would like to earn in the first year and divide it by 12 to determine your desired monthly income. Indefinite mating is expected to have taken place when the weaned male grasscutter is seven months old and the female is eight months.

Most of this quantity is traded locally as fresh or smoked form. Rearing above the floor. Food crops such as groundnut, rice, maize, grain legume, tubers like cassava, sweet potato etc also make part of their food, stressed the grasscutter farmer.

While a healthy, strong, agile male animal should be selected for breeding programs, if the female is not genetically healthy too, it will also affect the breeding stocks. But maximally, they can deliver up to 10 kids. Enemies of domesticated grasscutter - They dislike cold environment.

Thryonomys swinderianus Temminck and the lesser grass cutter Thryonomys gregorianus Temminck. This area should be easily accessible, in a flood-free zone.

How to Start a Grass Cutter Business

The coarse bristly coat has no under-fur, though under magnification some sparsely scattered extremely fine straight under-fur are visible. They have a peculiar bristle tail which readily fractures near the base if seized, much like the easily atomized tail of the lizard, a phenomenon that is of tremendous protective value.

It can therefore serve as a considerable income earner for the small scale Peri-urban or rural livestock producer.Sep 09,  · A farmer can also integrate grass cutter rearing with other livestock farming such as pigs, rabbits, sheep, ducks and poultry. GRASS CUTTER HOUSING: Grass cutter housing comprised of a stable and cages/pens.

stable is the main building which houses the cages/pens. Grasscutter Farming Business Plan Nigeria. THIS BUSINESS PLAN IS REGULARLY UPDATED AND CAN ALSO BE USED FOR BANK LOANS, GRANTS, PROPOSAL FOR COMPETITIONS ETC. Grasscutter Farming Business Plan & Manual PDF. Topics covered. OPERATIONAL COST FOR STOCKING 20 GRASSCUTTERS (16FEMALES AND 4MALES).

Business Description of Grass cutter Farming Business Plan in Nigeria.

How To Start A Lucrative Grasscutter Farming Business: The Comprehensive Guide

Business: Grass cutter Farming and Sales. Industry: Agriculture (Animal Farming; Grass cutter Farming Business plan in Nigeria) PATILAD Grass cutter Farming is a start-up Farm that is involved in production of quality and affordable grass cutter meat targeting consumers.

Grasscutter Farming Business Plan Nigeria. ORIGIN OF THE GRASSCUTTER. Grasscutter is a wild herbivorous rodent found in the sub-Saharan r egion of Africa. It is the.

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biggest after po rcupine in the rodent class. How to Start Grasscutter Farming Business in Nigeria [Business Plan + E-Book] How to Start A Profitable Snail Farming Home Business Ideas –. Their major food is Elephant or Napier grass (Pennisetum purpureum).

The high rate of returns and low cost of investment as well rearing them are some of the reasons many farmers are fast resorting to quail farming.

or you are struggling with your farm business or you are currently looking for someone to help you plan your agricultural.

Grass cutter rearing business plan
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