Marriot corporation cost of capital essay

The company operated or franchised lodging properties worldwide, withrooms as of year ended December Together with owners and franchisees, Marriott and Starwood added more than 68, rooms during the year and, despite a tightening credit market, drove our pipeline of hotels under development to more thanrooms.

However, the target debt ratio was 60, see Table A.

Marriott Corporation: The Cost of Capital Case Analysis

Risky projects appear more profitable, and less risky projects appear less profitable. This results in losses for the restaurant division. In addition, Marriott reflected on using the hurdle rates to determine incentive compensation.

The cost of capital for the restaurant division is The Cost of Capital Essay introduction. Hotels ranged from the full-service, high-quality Marriott hotels and suites to the moderately priced Fairfield Inn.

We compute that by using CAPM model. First of all, we will determine the cost of debt, cost of equity and the capital structure for the whole company.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Inthe company was officially incorporated in the state of Delaware as Hot Shoppes.

If we look, for example, at government bond interest rates which influence the risk free rate used in the projects equity cost calculations we can easily understand this as a drop or a rise in these rates will clearly have positive or negative impact on the projects hurdle rate, respectively.

The unlevered beta is multiplied by 1 plus the debt to equity ratio then multiplied by 1 minus the tax rate. It is difficult and inherently inaccurate to compare firms with Marriott as a whole because it is not as exact and is easier to find companies to compare with individual divisions.

Marriott's WACC is The levered betas for lodging and restaurant divisions are 2. By using a single WACC we ignore the fact that each division has its own beta and capital structure.

Comparisons to prior year combined results throughout this Outlook section reflects this change in reporting. After this, we will determine the Risk-free Rates, Risk Premiums and Betas for lodging and restaurant divisions in order to calculate the Cost of Equity for these two divisions.

Some Practical Considerations for Calculating the Cost of Capital Estimating the costs for many sources of capital is not very precise.

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To estimate the cost of equity, we need to compute the beta of equity for each division using comparable companies. Marriott had more confidence in its measure of warranted value than in the day-to-day market price of its stock.

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Marriott Corporation Cost of Capital

The betas are found in exhibit 3 so we can compare them to similar firms. As such, if Marriott Corp used its firm's weighted average cost of capital WACC to evaluate divisional projects it could be deciding on accepting a new project for which its expected returns are below its division's WACC and taking on losses.

For full yearworldwide comparable combined systemwide constant dollar RevPAR increased 1.Marriott Corp Cost of Capital Solution And Analysis, … › Finance Case Studies Analysis Marriott Corp Cost of Capital Case Solution.

Browse Marriott International’s portfolio of hotels & discover what makes each brand unique. Take the stress out of travel & book your hotel reservation direct. Case Solution. Allows the students with the chance to understand how an organization makes use of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) to compute the cost of capital for its departments individually.

The cost of debt capital is equivalent to actual or imputed interest rate on the company's debt, adjusted for the tax-deductibility of interest expenses. Specifically: The after-tax cost of debt-capital = The Yield-to-Maturity on long-term debt x (1 minus the marginal tax rate in %).

Marriott Corp Cost of Capital Case Solution And Analysis Next, we use this new equity beta in the calculation of the cost of equity for Marriott Corporation as a whole. When calculating the cost of equity, we use the risk-free rate that is equal to the year US Government. Marriott Corporation: the Cost of Capital Essay.

A+. Pages:5 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay. Marriott’s WACC measures the cost of capital for the whole Marriott Corporation.

Marriott has three lines of business –each line of service has its unique cost of debt and beta, so when valuing investments in those.

Marriot corporation cost of capital essay
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