Paragraph writing a rainy day

Essay on Rainy Day - 10 Lines and 100 to 200 words

The others followed within one year. Have you ever traveled back to the "mother country" to discover your family's roots? After all, a rainy day gives us both joy and sorrow.

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When a punishment, even as extreme as immediate death, is commonly administered among a human group the members of that group get used to it. As long as you are creating using these free creative writing prompts, I am sure that you are using your time wisely.


Thus they make merry. It contains a number of stories. A rainy day is not pleasant at all. It is fun, provided we do not catch a cold or a chill.

Writing prompts for rainy days

I could have fed a homeless person, bought my disowned uncle a house. The fury of nature goes on for hours. I breathed in and out deeply and tried to relax.About Jess Zafarris Jess Zafarris is the Director of Content Strategy and Online Content for Writer’s Digest and ScriptMag.

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After the end of the summer season, people welcome the rainy season. It was a day of continuous rainfalls. We have provided the essay on a rainy day for children's and school students.

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On a rainy day, it rains all day long. A rainy day is dull and gloomy. The sky is overcast with thick clouds. None can go out without an umbrella.

Water stands the roads and roads become muddy and slippery. Those who have offices and other businesses go out with umbrellas over their head, shoes in hand and clothes folded up to the knee.

Jan 20,  · *On a rainy day it rains all day long. A rainy day is dull and gloomy. The sky is overcast with thick clouds. The sky is not seen. None can go out without an umbrella.

Water stands on roads and slippery. Those who have officials and other business go out with umbrellas over the head.

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Shoes in hand clothes folded up to knee. Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Rainy Day” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

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A Rainy Day India is a land of varying seasons. Grammar Bytes! Grammar Instruction with Attitude. Includes detailed terms, interactive exercises, handouts, PowerPoints, videos, and more!

Paragraph writing a rainy day
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