The role of spirituality in health care essay

This process is not easy. In medicine the National Library of Medicine NLM has rules for peer-review and they decide on a case by case basis which journals get their stamp of approval. What are the concerns of the patient or his or her family? For this reasons editors often allow authors to request or recommend reviewers, or to request that certain people not be asked to be reviewers.

Conclusion Here is the bottom line — peer-review is a necessary component of quality control in science, but is no guarantee of quality, and you have to know the details of the journal that is providing the peer-review.

The condition of our patients can be so critical that we remain singularly focused on issues related to the body: Follow him on Twitter norcalcs.

Or they may not take the time to chase down every reference, or check all the statistics. The process generally works, and is certainly better than having no quality control filter, but it is also no guarantee of correctness, or even the avoidance of mistakes.

Does the patient have any spiritual or religious beliefs that might influence medical care? To serve the patient and family unit in a comprehensive way, however, we must understand more than that.

If an author thinks they were treated unfairly by one journal, they can always go to another or they can talk directly to the editor to appeal a decision and try to make their case. As many have pointed out, the focus on body and mind is quite good, particularly in the intensive care unit ICU.

How has prayer worked in your life? A research study on the role of spirituality in health care currently gets to be an area of active research. Nurses can help determine whether the patient needs more spiritual care than can reasonably be provided, perhaps obtaining a clergy member to assist at that point.

Spirituality in Health Care: Stages of Grief Paper

The process can be quite messy, and full of politics. These human interactions often lead to questions of "meaning" which are beyond the science of medicine and touch the very heart of our existence.

It is typical for authors to submit a paper to a prestigious journal first, and then if they get rejected to work their way down the food chain until they find a journal that will accept it.

Examples of a possible topic include issues like choose one or create one of your own: Similarly, chaplains and religious pastoral counsellors work from a long tradition supported by religious texts and practices that promote a sense of well-being and healing among those to whom they minister.

The Importance of Spirituality in Patient-Centered Care

Does the patient use religion to help cope or is it a source of stress? Pastoral counsellors and chaplains met and discussed areas of common concern to both professions. Such journals are then listed as peer-reviewed.

Choose a topic related to spirituality in health care discussed by one of the authors of our textbooks to guide your in writing a two-paged reflection paper double spaced, 12 pt.

She explains the use of the ancient spiritual practice of the labyrinth within a holistic concept of health care. Much of the time, our patients are unable to interact with us due either to primary neurological dysfunction or to the medications they require to be comfortable on a ventilator.

One member of the association resigned immediately following the conference. All the authors in this section support their claim for a role for spirituality broadly defined in promoting a more holistic health care system with up to date contemporary research.

The final chapter in this section provides a riveting personal account, by Calvin Morriseau from the Chouchiching First Nation, of a childhood and youth dealing with alcoholic parents, sexual abuse, and addiction.

Nazila Isgandarova presents an overview of Islamic attitudes to health care and counseling based on traditional teachings of the Qu'ran and Sunnah, as well as on the views of modern Muslim scholars.

One of our friends, a first year internal medicine intern, spoke recently of his rotation on the cancer floor of his hospital. So pretty much any pro- CAM article can get published.

They are there for births and deaths; they talk to patients, their families; they sit on committees; they train nurses and medical students.

Bearing Witness: The Work of Hospital Chaplains

What kinds of disciplines or practices will equip you to follow Jesus in providing a compassionate, caring presence to all patients you will encounter? Wilfrid Laurier Press, A significant example is supplied by Paul J. Spiritual care is by nature interdisciplinary and often involves pastoral care counselors or chaplains.

The studies tend to fall under three key areas coping, mortality and recovery. But in the end it more or less works.Spirituality can be an intimidating topic for nurses and other clinicians; for many of us this is unexplored territory, and we simply are not trained well to talk about it.

otherwise we probably would not have entered into health care in the first place. Knowing that we critical care clinicians have taken on the supremely challenging (some. From a nursing perspective, many of the terms associated with spirituality may already be integrated into usual care: examples include active listening, therapeutic touch, and humor.

Spirituality in health: the role of spirituality in critical care

6 In addition to being aware of and nurturing their own spirituality, nurses must practice “intentionality,” or focused consciousness. 7 For example, it is. Religion and Mental Illness, Religion and Mental Health., Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health, Faith and Psychology Thinking Theological About Health teaching pack This is a teaching pack outline for a study day on thinking theologically about health, aimed at health.

Spirituality has played a role in health care for centuries, but by the early 20th century, technological advances in diagnosis and treatment overshadowed the more human element of medicine.

TWU Nursing Scholarship: Spirituality, Religion and Health. Annotated Bibliography. Reimer-Kirkham, S. & Cochrane, M. (). female Canadian nursing students was asked to write an essay on their The past 25 years have witnessed an escalating discussion on the role of spirituality within health care.

This scholarly volume is rooted in. Acknowledging the role of all health care professionals in spirituality, a multidisciplinary group from one cancer center developed a four-stage model that allows health care professionals to deliver spiritual care consistent with their knowledge, skills, and actions at one of four skill levels.

The role of spirituality in health care essay
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