Write about artificial satellites and their uses

Optical tracking uses special cameras to follow satellites illuminated either by the sun or laser beams. An orbit around the Sun. Most of the man-made satellites are in a low Earth orbit LEO or a geostationary orbit. In addition, the transmitters are used for telemetry, the relaying of information from the scientific instruments aboard the satellite.

List of Indian satellites

But constantly changing positions does not work for satellite TV and other types of satellites that send and receive a lot of information. The replacement satellite Insat 4CR was launched on 2. Satellites that travel closer to Earth are at risk of falling because the drag of atmospheric molecules will slow the satellites down.

What Are Satellites Used For?

Artificial blood is a product made to act as a substitute for red blood cells. Low Earth orbit is any orbit below 2, km. A maneuver where a spacecraft approaches the height of orbit but lacks the velocity to sustain it. What Does an Artificial Satellite Do?

Advantages of Artificial Satellite

Satellites will drift west. Polar sun synchronous orbit: The center of mass of the two body system is about same as the center of Earth. Looking at the "anatomy" of a typical satellite, one discovers two modules. As will be seen below, however, not all artificial satellites are necessarily workable ones.

Depending on the type of artificial blood, it can be produced in different ways using synthetic production, chemical isolation, or recombinant biochemical technology. Satellite Orbits If placed in an orbit high enough to escape the frictional effects of the earth's atmosphere, the motion of the satellite is controlled by the same laws of celestial mechanics that govern the motions of natural satellites, and it will remain in orbit indefinitely.

Telecommunication - Communication over long distances, esp. Types of Satellites Satellites can be divided into five principal types: In principle, three geosynchronous satellites located symmetrically in the plane of the earth's equator can provide complete coverage of the earth's surface.

And this is all due to the artificial satellite which usually takes the coverage directly. A nearly polar orbit that passes the equator at the same local time on every pass.

A satellite in a geostationary orbit moves around the Earth as fast as the Earth spins, so from the ground it looks like it is stationary not moving.

Natural satellite

Also a synonym for Disposal orbit. Weather satellitesor meteorological satellites, provide continuous, up-to-date information about large-scale atmospheric conditions such as cloud cover and temperature profiles.

In this module, we shall study basics of satellite motion without going into details of the technology. Research satellites measure fundamental properties of outer space, e.The uses of Artificial satellites are: 1. They are used for communication purpose. 2. Carry instrument or passengers to perform experiments in space.

3. For Weather Forecasting System. 4. For GPS (Global Positioning System) I hope it helped, Thank. Artificial satellites are human-built objects orbiting the Earth and other planets in the Solar System.

This is different from the natural satellites, or. · Satellites. This is a list of all Indian (wholly or partially owned, wholly or partially designed and/or manufactured) satellites, both operated by the Indian government (ISRO, Indian defence forces, other government agencies) or private (educational and research) dfaduke.com://dfaduke.com Artificial satellites are used to take pictures of space so we know what is going on up there and so we can see whats on the planets without going up there and another reason is that it can forcast weather because it is going around the world it can see what is going on with the wind and the clouds so it can help warn the people when there is a dfaduke.com The major advantage of satellites is their ability to produce near-global coverage, which becomes especially important over oceans and remote, unpopulated land regions, where other methods of observation are dfaduke.com Advantages of artificial satellite is an important tool which describes the advantages of the artificial satellites.

Before we discuss the advantages, it is important to understand about the meaning of the artificial dfaduke.com

Write about artificial satellites and their uses
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